Wealth Planning

When clients take advantage of both our Portfolio Management services and our Financial Planning services we refer to this as “Wealth Planning.” We believe this comprehensive strategy results in the most successful outcome. This is our preferred method of working with clients.

  • We provide a highly customized portfolio design which integrates your entire financial situation. This includes varying income and spending levels, varying financial goals, and handling a dynamically changing income tax environment.
  • We provide in-person meetings at least quarterly to review your situation and your investments.
  • We go the extra mile to explore sophisticated tax and investment strategies that may help you do better.
  • We provide detailed year end tax planning. We will function as a sort of financial coach or quarterback to help you coordinate your activities with your other professional advisors.

Wealth Planning is our full sevice client relationship. Our Wealth Planning Service provides a significant discount on both our Asset Management and our Financial Planning fees.

Wealth Planning fees are typically calculated as a percent of managed assets, but we may decide, with the client's input, to convert that fee to a percent of net worth. This is because our wealth advice is geared toward a client's entire wealth circumstances, not just their investment accounts.